Kort fortalt

Kultur- og miljøkollektiv, der har hjemme i det gamle Knabstrub Teglværk.


Since 2008 the Makvärket Association has been engaged in developing 2.000sqm of the former Knabstrup Teglværk, an old ceramics factory in Knabstrup, 70km west of Copenhagen, into a centre for culture and ecology.

Makvärket would like to become an open collective of 50-100 people, who will utilize it as a place for both short and long term projects. We are envisioning a place for sustainable development and ecological awareness, artistic and cultural events, educational and environmental outreach programs, art and music productions, information and media networking, community service projects, activist group meetings, and much more. We are also creating a multifunctional hall for e.g. circus practice and concerts, a community kitchen, an art space, and a tradingpost for sustainable and recycled construction materials.

We are aiming for local residents and people from Denmark and abroad to come, be, and work together in an inexpensive, non-hierarchical, and self-organized space. With the annual construction festivals we have already begun to create this particular environment.